We work to ensure you have all you need not only to deliver a high-quality education, 而是要在个人和职业上都取得成功. 获得必要的工具和信息来实现这一目标, including teaching, research, 员工及办公资源, as well as news, forms and policies.

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MyDU是我们成绩的安全门户, course links, personal information, pay stubs, 行政管理流程, 软件下载及更多.

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DU Canvas

Canvas is our learning-management system, providing a secure environment for online class materials.

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Office 365

任何拥有DU电子邮件地址的人都可以访问Office 365, which includes email, video conferencing, cloud storage through OneDrive and the full suite of Microsoft Office products, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote.

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25Live is our primary system for room reservations and requests. 而我们的大部分房间都可以通过25Live预订, 也有一些例外, 比如小组自习室. 如果您有任何问题,请咨询我们的预订指南.

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出现技术问题? 我们的计算机帮助中心通过电话提供支持, email, and walk-in for faculty, staff and students.

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Campus Map & Parking Info

用我们的校园地图来确定你在校园里的方位, and access everything you need for parking permits and information. We also provide our faculty with information on how to use alternative methods of transportation to reach campus through mobility options.

News Sources

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    The Bridge

    The Bridge is a dedicated source of news and information specifically aimed at faculty and staff across campus. 请关注每周二和周四的电子邮件更新.

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    DU Newsroom

    The DU Newsroom is the centralized source of news for the University community — teachers, students, 教师和家长都一样.


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    新MG线上电子游戏杂志 provides news articles profiling notable DU-connected people and events both on campus and around the world.


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New Faculty

New to DU? 我们知道这可能会让人不知所措. 寻找资源来帮助你适应新家.

    • New Employee Orientation: All new employees are required to attend an orientation, and new faculty members have action items they need to take care of before arriving at DU. Learn more about the first day of employment and what to expect during the first week and beyond.
    • 文书工作:第一天上班, you'll need to have completed an employee verification and eligibility form. All required new employee paperwork that must be completed is located here, including the I-9 Employment Verification and Eligibility Form and Form W-4. Learn more
    • 聘任、晋升及任期指引:检讨 委任、晋升及任期指引文件.
    • 员工手册:查看 employee handbook if you have questions regarding employment practices, pay practices or benefits.
    • Campus Map: Make sure you know where you're headed with the campus map.
    • 停车:如果你需要停车证,你会得到一张 parking services.
    • Pioneer ID Card: You'll be required to obtain a Pioneer ID card, 哪些可以作为你的校园标识. It will grant access to buildings closed to the public and allow you to take advantage of discounted tickets for DU cultural and sporting events. Learn more here.

    Other Employee Perks

    As a DU employee, you have access to a variety of perks, including:

    • 大学文化及体育活动优惠门票
    • 库尔斯健身中心的折扣会员
    • Discounts on food, lodging and services throughout the city with your DU Zone card
    • 图书馆资源,现场和在线
    • 员工膳食计划通过索迪斯
    • 在DU书店打折
    • Discounted tickets for the Newman Center Presents series at the Newman Center
    • 里奇中心通行证营的折扣价
    • Get more information on these additional benefits of working at DU: http://pu3.fraserfunerals.com/human-resources/benefits/additional_benefits


    In addition to Canvas, 我们的主要学习管理系统, we offer a variety of other resources to increase your effectiveness in the classroom.

    • Office of Teaching & Learning

      Our Office of Teaching & Learning offers opportunities for 专业发展 and support for innovative teaching projects.

      Office of Teaching & Learning

    • Library services

      In addition to collections, our libraries offer a variety of services of particular use to faculty. 其中包括研究中心, which can help locate and procure essential resources; Course Reserves, through which you can find and request academic resources on your own; and our math, 科学和语言中心, which offer you and your students assistance on a wide variety of topics.

    • Writing Center support

      通过我们的写作中心, you can arrange in-class writing workshops and consultations on subjects ranging from crafting effective theses to writing project proposals. 写作中心也提供协作, 为教师和学生提供非评估性咨询.

      Writing Center

    • 图像管理(Jstor)

      The Jstor Digital Library provides access to more than 12 million journal articles, books, and images, 包括DU的视觉资源集合. 可以访问该数据库 成都大学图书馆 website. DU’s image collections 包括艺术学院 & 艺术史教学集锦, 大学图书馆档案馆藏, 以及大学艺术收藏的精选作品. 使用Jstor上可用的图像管理功能, 比如保存或整理, 您需要创建一个帐户. 请访问这些网站了解更多新MG线上电子游戏 using images on Jstorlogging in to Jstor,或浏览其他网站 support.

      For information about the institutional collections on Jstor or digital imaging services, visit the Visual Media Center.

      Jstor Digital Library


    • 视频管理(Kaltura)

      Kaltura is our newest video management campus-wide software tool. It’s integrated with Canvas to allow instructors to capture and share videos with their students.


    • Advising

      As a faculty member, you may be involved in advising at a graduate or undergraduate level in addition to your teaching duties. Visit either our Office of Academic Advising (for undergraduates) or email our 研究生教育办公室 for more information.

    • DU Portfolio Community

      Our portfolio community allows you access to a searchable database of electronic portfolios for students, faculty, staff, alumni and communities.

      Portfolio Community

    • Honor Code reporting

      If you become aware of any violation of the University's Honor Code, 使用我们的事故报告表格提交详细报告. More information on the Honor Code can be found in the Forms and Policies section of this page.

      Incident Reporting

    • 残疾服务计划

      Our 残疾服务计划 is dedicated to providing support for students with disabilities. If you have any questions regarding the University's disability policy, or if you wish to ensure you're providing the proper accommodations, 访问该计划的网站.


    • Interfaith calendar

      Ensure you're aware of and prepared for any holy days with particular restrictions or obligations by consulting our interfaith calendar.

      Interfaith Calendar

    • Visual Media Center

      The Visual Media Center (VMC) provides digital imaging services to faculty, 员工和学生的学习, 研究及教学目的. Digital images produced or purchased by the VMC are found in the Jstor Digital Library, a database available through the University Libraries to all DU community members. 我们的视觉资源收藏包含160多个,000 images across three collections which 包括艺术学院 & 艺术史教学集锦, 大学图书馆档案馆藏, 以及大学艺术收藏的精选作品. High-resolution images are accompanied by high-quality metadata created by VMC staff that faculty and students can use for research, studying and citations. The collection reflects the cultural and art historical diversity and inclusivity of the curriculum of the School of Art & Art History, and contains historical, geographic and didactic materials that will be useful to many disciplines and departments at DU.

      Learn More

    • 肯尼迪山校区第9届学术周末

      How will you ignite inspiration and creativity in your classroom? 在令人惊叹的新环境中体验学习的魔力! 在肯尼迪山校区, DU's faculty are invited to expand their horizons and reimagine their curriculum for a trip the 9th Weekend of each quarter. 被大自然的威严所包围, educators have the opportunity to infuse their teaching with fresh perspectives and invigorating experiences.

      Proposed 9th Academic Weekends should bridge in-class and out-of-class experiences to enhance students’ learning. You can 现在提交你的提案 for a KMC 9th 2024年春季学期的学术周末体验, Fall Quarter 2024, Winter Q 2025, and Spring Q 2025. Learn more about 在这里的KMC学习机会!

    Student Support

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    SOS Referral

    SOS Referral is an outreach program that helps find solutions for students experiencing academic, 社会和危机情况, 包括心理健康问题. Members of the University community can submit an SOS Referral report for a student who might benefit from these services. We review these reports to understand each student issue and the on- and off-campus resources that may guide them to success.

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    The 学习效能计划 (LEP) is a nationally recognized fee-for-service program that provides individualized academic support for University of Denver students with learning differences, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or a history of learning differences.

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    As a faculty member, you may be the first person to recognize students who would benefit from referral to Counseling Services at the 健康与咨询中心. We provide support as you discuss your concerns with the student(s) who appear to be suffering. We also provide a process for referring students to 健康及谘询服务 for treatment.

    Employee Resources

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    University Governance

    The Faculty Senate is the primary body through which faculty members participate in the governance of the University.

    Learn more

    Office Resources

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    Copy Center

    我们的快速复印中心提供高质量的复印, 具有竞争力价格的绑定和一般文件资源, offering a 5 percent discount from any reasonable written quote from a competitor.

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    Phone & Mail Services

    Phone and mail services ensure basic on-campus communications run smoothly and effectively.

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    Facility Reservations

    Our facility request system allows you to access the space necessary for your work.

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    Facility Work Orders

    Facilities Services helps with everything from event setup and cleanup to electrical, plumbing and more.

    Research Resources

    Discover how DU IMPACT 2025 helps to shape our approaches to teaching and research.

    DU IMPACT 2025

    We're seeing sweeping changes in higher education that have an enormous impact on our students, 我们的社区和我们的世界. 我们正在围绕我们的教学优势进行创新, learning and discovery, and accelerating the ways research can address society’s most vexing problems.

    We call this vision DU IMPACT 2025. 这是对数千名学生进行采访的结果, faculty, friends, community partners, 家属和关键支持者. We spent 18 months listening, learning, collaborating and crafting this strategic plan.

    把我们的想法变成现实, our 10 working groups collaborate across campus and our community to bring IMPACT 2025 to life.

    Our Progress

    Forms & Policies

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    Administrative Policies

    Look through a listing of our administrative and financial policies.

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    Appointment & Tenure Policies


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    Employee Handbook

    Use our employee handbook to access information on employment practices, pay practices and benefits.

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    Bias Incident Reporting

    If you witness an incident in which individuals or groups are targeted based on group identities related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, 社会经济背景, age, disability, 国籍或宗教, 请向您的偏见事件响应小组报告, an internal working group tasked to coordinate campus response to bias incidents.

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    Honor Code & Honor Code Violations

    All members of the University of Denver are expected to uphold the values of Integrity, 尊重与责任. 这些价值观体现了学生的行为标准, faculty, staff and administrators as members of the University community. 如果你觉得这些价值观被教员侵犯了, staff member or student, 我们提供必要的资源来举报此类违规行为.

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    Filing a Grievance

    If ever you feel you've been directly and adversely affected in a professional academic capacity, 或者与同伴发生持续的冲突, 我们提供申诉流程来解决这个问题. Whether the issue stems from problems between faculty members or a University policy you find discriminatory or otherwise harmful, 你可以让别人听到你的声音.

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    ADA Accommodations

    Employees with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations to enjoy full access to equal employment opportunity at the University of Denver, 根据美国残疾人法案(ADA)的要求. Under the law, agencies must provide reasonable accommodations to qualified employees or applicants with disabilities, 除非这样做会造成不必要的困难.

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    If you are aware of activities that may not be in compliance with the University’s policies, or that you suspect may be fraud or unlawful or unethical behavior, the Office of Internal Audit provides a way to report potential problems or raise questions. Every report is logged, reviewed and resolved appropriately, and you can choose to remain anonymous.

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    International Travel

    If you are planning to travel abroad on behalf of the University, Enterprise Risk Management offers information and resources to help you prepare for and manage potential travel risks. 所有的旅客都需要在DU护照上注册, 主要是为了你的安全, as the University can assist in emergency situations abroad and coordinate evacuation and repatriation benefits, if needed.

    Faculty Groups

    • 美国大学教授协会

      The 美国大学教授协会 was founded in 1915 and works to defend the principles of academic freedom, 正当程序和共享治理. 它有助于定义基本的职业价值观和标准. DU's current chapter has been active since 2007 and consists of faculty members from across the arts, sciences and professional schools who are interested in working to address issues of common concern.


    • 高等教育姐妹会

      ASHE的使命是支持, empower and mentor black women at the University of Denver through cultural fellowship, 丰富和交流思想. 该组织并非只有黑人女性, and all women faculty and staff at the University of Denver are valued and welcome. However, 小组讨论的核心焦点, activities and initiatives will be issues germane to black women.


    • 色彩协会学院

      The DU 色彩协会学院 (FOCA) is a voluntary empowerment and advocacy group composed of faculty members from under-represented racial and ethnic groups within the University community


    • 女教师协会

      The DU 女教师协会 provides a support network to all faculty women in the campus community, sponsors programs concerned with 专业发展 and disseminates information about University practices and policies vital to faculty women's interests.


    • 妇女领导委员会

      The Women’s Leadership Council includes women serving on the Deans’ Council, in the Provost’s Office, 并在新MG线上电子游戏担任管理职务. This group seeks to use its unique influence to engage the campus and its leadership on strategic issues relating to women, 在校园内倡导女性的机会和问题, and build relationships on and off campus to foster mentorship and 专业发展 for women at the University of Denver.